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Dec 6, 2009

Upgrading From XP to Windows 7 does not require XP Product Key?!?!

After using Windows 7 Ultimate RC for almost half a year, it was about time to install the production version. I had received the Windows7 Professional Upgrade package from BestBuy from my pre-ordered in July. I got it for about $129CND, which is a 50% off promotion.

Since this was an upgrade, I expected Windows 7 installation would require me to install Windows XP or at least has the Windows XP CD installation disk ready.

After using BootCamp to recreate a new partition, I restarted my Mac and began install Windows 7. By the way, I had to clean up the Mac partition, so that BootCamp could split the partition.

Here was the problem I encountered, when I tried to type in my Product Key for Windows 7, it failed to validate it.  After retyping it a couple of times, I gave up and google for solution.

Fortunately, the first entry of my search results gave me the solution, which was to install Windows 7 without the typing in the product key.


So, that what I did. I installed it without the product key. Once I am in the desktop, I used Windows Search and open the Windows Activation screen.

I typed in the product key again, and it passed.

Hmm… strange, why it didn’t ask for my Windows XP Key???

After I did a search, it turned out that I may have by pass the procedure of installing Windows XP. Legally speaking, you still need a legit copy of Windows XP, however, with the by pass, it looks like you may not really need your Windows XP or Vista installation disk.

Just a side note, some local computer stores in Calgary or Edmonton are selling Windows 7 Professional OEM 64bit for about $149, which is reasonably inexpensive. If you are a student, you can get the Windows 7 Home edition for $40CND.

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