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Oct 30, 2006

.NET Gotchas (the subtilty between VB and C#)

Recently I bought this book ".NET Gotchas" by Venkat Subramaniam from O'REILLY publisher. Initially I bought this book just for my pass time. As a .NET programmer from my pass contracting job, I was fascinated by the rich functionality of .NET programming. So, I was wondering why would there be "Gotchas" (an unexpected programming behavior). In my past job, I was working on CodeDom compiling for both VB and C# code. Basically the developer program the .NET application using C# code and user can program their functions though VB, and in the end these code are compiled in the Unit Code and turn into assembly. Although I am still a junior programmer using .NET technology, I encounter a number of situation where assembly compiled from C# and VB behave differently. When there is a time you spend a day trying to figure out why .NET doesn't behave what you are expecting, especially when you are not as experienced, take a look at this book and see if you can find a .NET "Gotcha" matches your situation!