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Jul 2, 2009

More Windows 7 Experience

Wow, I haven’t write any useful blog for awhile. Originally, I was thinking about writing about Linq. However, I realized there are too many Linq related article out there.

Anyways, after using Windows 7 RC for quite some time on my Mac, one major positive thing I notice is the compiling speed of my work (VS) solution, compare with XP. Of course, XP limited you 2GB of addressable memory. Even with the 3GB hack in the boot.ini, which for some reasons killed my video on my new Core Duo 2.8GHz with 3GB machine from Dell, my Mac 2.4GHz with 2GB with Windows 7 still compile a lot faster. :)


Well, so far, I encounter 2 freezes, with no blue screen, and I can’t find any system error message in the log file.

And here is the latest issue I found, see if you can see the problem below


I found that funny, notice the start menu is off.