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Nov 27, 2012

Error RC1015: cannot open include file ‘afxresh.h’ VS2012

Recently I am trying to upgrade all our projects to .NET 4.5. There is one project in our solution that is written in C++. I am personally not familiar with it, but anyways, it should be trivial I thought.

First thing I notice that after I open the solution, the C++ project has a bracket indication saying this is a “Visual Studio 2010” project. When I try to compile it, it said I need to install VS 2010. Sounds confusing. But, if you open the project’s properties->Configuration Properties->General, look for something call Platform Toolset, you can change it to Visual Studio 2012, this solved the first problem.


When I tried to compile the solution, I got an RC1015 error. Good thing there is a error number I can look up. Here are the 2 solutions I found:

Solution 1

afxres.h is only used for MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class). If your project doesn’t use any UI control from MFC, you should able to replace it with windows.h

Solution 2

Apparently when I install VS2012, I didn’t install the the Microsoft Platform for C++. My guess is that in VS2010, it is installed by default, but in VS2012, this is no longer the case.





Nov 18, 2012

My 1st blog for This Year (is almost the end)

Can’t believe this is my first blog in 2012. Originally I have a number of topics I want to write about, but time has fly and knowing that there many sources to help software developer out there, like:



or simply go to www.google.com

It seems like there is no rush to write a blog about anything. This is until I pick up some mails from my previous address where I discover Google is still sending me $100 Adsense gift card to get me using Google advertisement.  Anyways, I logon on to Google Adsense and want to update my mailing address. Then I realize my blog isn’t dead yet… there is still some traffic going on… this really give me hope that I should keep writing things that I like to share.

In general, this is how I organize my digit life right now:


The thicker the error, the more of this service I use or used

After spending a hour on this picture, it clear shows that I am heavily rely on Google service. However, as you can see, I am not using Google+ as much. That because all my friend is on Facebook. I believe the reason why I has been using Google services so much is because of Gmail, plus Google has been the forefront of these kind of service, expect for Facebook. I thought that Google Wave may have a chance, but since everyone is on Facebook, it is hard shift people to use another service. For me, Microsoft is catching up with their SkyDrive. I started uploading Office documents to it.

There are advantage and disadvantage using one service over the others. I actually paid Google annually for extra storage space to host my photos. These services are free until you need to get more storages.

At the end of the date, content is the king! If the software that I wrote has no content, there will be no attraction.

Next time I will try to provide more contents on my blog.