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Nov 6, 2009

Why can’t MS make SQL2008 Installation Easier + Failed to register SQLDMO.DLL

I rarely write blog to complain about something. I would rather like to share useful information instead.  But this time, I got so frustrated installing SQL2008.

Originally, I have Windows 7 installed with SQL2008 Server. My company has an product that require a file call “SQLDMO.DLL” to be register. (i.e. regsrv32 sqldmo.dll). Unfortunately I kept getting an –2147024770 error.

After trying everything, I decided to uninstall SQL2008 Server and hopefully by reinstalling it would let me register sqldmo.dll.

Btw, I turned off my firewall and UAC just in attempt to register sqldmo.dll…. but nothing works.

Originally, I installed SQL2008 from a MSDN CD follow by an SP1 installation. My colleague suggested me to install SQL2008Express install from one of our company shared directory. So this is what had happened.

  1. Install SQL2008Express from company network
  2. Complain about Windows 7 compatibility issue, click continue
  3. Go online, cannot find SQL2008Express SP1 upgrade, instead, just the full SQL2008Express SP1 installation
  4. Uninstall install existing SQL Server just to be safe.
  5. Download and install SQL2008Express from here
  6. Installation works, but can’t find SQL Management Studio
  7. Download and install SQL Management Studio from here
  8. The setup screen didn’t say anything bout Management Studio, install, it is the same screen as regular SQL Express installation wizard.
  9. Try install it, failed, because I have SQL installed
  10. Find another download link: http://www.microsoft.com/express/sql/download/
  11. Try to install “Runtime with Management Tools”
  12. Cannot install since I have SQL installed
  13. Try install “Management Tools”
  14. Complain about Windows 7 compatibility issue, ignore it
  15. Finally, I got SQL Management Studio

I downloaded total of over 2GB of installation files, took me to whole morning to do it. Yet, I still cannot register sqldmo.dll.


Ultimately… it turns out that all I needed to do is install SQLDMO from SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility components. Yikes, wasted 1/2 of my day.


John C. Pratt said...

Dicky, Thank you for this awesome post. The URL to the 2005 BC components is exactly what I needed to get my custom VB6 SQL DMO-querying app to work on Windows 7 with SQL 2008 installed. We still have SQL 2000 in-house, but it won't install on Windows 7. Now my app is working!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The URL to 2005 BC components saved me weeks of work and got the customers off my back!

Anonymous said...

Al pelo!!!!

Anonymous said...