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Apr 17, 2009

Windows 7 - Problem Steps Recorder (psr.exe)

This tool maybe a godsend for the software developers.  It enables the end users record their problems. This helps a lot because customers aren’t usually good when expressing their software problem:


Here is how it works, you click on the “Start Record” button, and you try to reproduce the problem of your application. Isn’t it simple! Once you get to the problem, you can click “Stop Record” to end the record. You can also “Pause” if you need to do something else in the middle. It will create a zip file that contains a .mht (MIME HTML). That’s easy!

Once you open the .mht in your web browser, you would see something like this:


Basically, the .mht files contains screenshots for each user actions. Notice that there is a green border around the Windows Live Writer, because this the current window user is interacting.

Each screenshot comes with a description of what the user was doing. For example:
Problem Step 9: User left click on "OK (push button)" in "Options"

At the end of the file, you will see this detail description:

The details contains all of your user actions. This definitely going to help us developers a lot!

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