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Jan 17, 2009

Installed XP on my MacBook Using Boot Camp Assistance and Fails to Boot (hal.dll is missing)

Ok, so recently I got a new machine:Apple MacBook Pro. Its aluminium body felt very solid and I really like its design. Another reason I brought a Mac is because I want to open my eyes to other OS design.

Anyhow, I am not going to pass any judgement on which OS is better until I get use to Mac OS X Leopard (I am waiting for Snow Leopard's OpenCL). Instead, I would like to share my experience on install XP using BootCamp.


Yes, I was being naïve. I didn't read the manual or the guideline before I install XP using Boot Camp. I end up having a hal.dll is missing when trying to boot XP. In fact, I didn't even know how to get into the boot menu to book Mac OS X.

Missing hal.dll Reason

According to this website, it explains why XP failed to boot due to missing hal.dll. However the main reason is that:

After Boot Camp created a FAT32 Partition and start installing XP. I manually deleted the FAT32 partition and broke it down into two partition. I was hoping to have a NTFS for Windows and a small FAT32 for write sharing.

Bad Idea!!! It turns out that Boot Camp doesn't support more than one Windows Partition. I am sure it is possible to do so, but I am not going to spend time investigate how. There are many blogs and websites explains how they are able to create multi-partition for booting more than just XP and Mac OS X.


Remember these first:

Restart the MacBook - holds the power button for 8 sec.

Eject the CD - holds the "Eject" key that locates on the top right concern of your MacBook before the white boot screen

Boot from CD - hold the "C" key before the white boot screen

Boot menu - hold the "Option (alt)" key before the white boot screen

The way that I fixed the problem is to go to the boot menu and startup Mac OS X. Once you are back Mac OS X, run Boot Camp.  Once it starts, read the Boot Camp Guideline first. It explains exactly what you should or should not do. Anyhow, when you hit continue, you You will have to option to restore the harddrive in one partition, it is a nice feature.

Once you get your partition restore, now you can do the reinstallation. However, this time, don't create or delete any partition.

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