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Mar 16, 2008

Visual Studio Installation Strange Disk Space Requirement

Recently I attended "Hero Happen Here" event in Calgary, and obtained a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition.  Similar to the Visual Studio 2005 lunch event, everyone get a copy of Visual Studio Standard edition. But since this is my first time attending such event, I was pretty excited that I got my own Visual Studio 2008.

After I got back home, I immediately uninstall my Visual Studio 2008 beta version.

Surprisingly, the first error that I encountered is not during VS installation (although I usually have faith that VS will install properly), but rather when I uninstall the beta.

"no disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters ...."

By doing a quick google search, I found this forum.  I recalled that I installed the beta from a external hard drive. I must have removed the VS 2008 installation file or changed the drive letter. My quick fix was to unplug my external hard drive, and uninstall the beta. But really, a software shouldn't need to check for disk during un-installation.

Anyhow, here is what strange about my VS 2008 installation experience. Notice my installation path is on C drive, but the Disk space requirements show that I need 204 MB on my E drive.

Strange VS Installation with Hightlight

My E drive only stores my media files like music. I never use this drive for program installation of virtual memory mapping.

After I installation, I checked my E drive and it doesn't seem to have any extra file installed. It would make more sense if it is D drive because this is where I store my user profile!

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